UF Sunbelt Ag Expo Bldg

Sunbelt Ag Expo 2015
October 20 - 22

Florida Agriculture: Feeding the World of the Future

Each year, we try to do things differently and present the work UF/IFAS does with Florida’s agricultural community from a different angle. Last year was all  about celebrating our past. This year, we’re focusing on “Feeding the World of the Future.” By the year 2050, there will be more than 9 billion people on the planet, and that will affect agriculture in some really significant ways, world-wide and in Florida.  We’ll have step up agricultural production, not only for food crops and livestock, but for fiber and energy crops too. Increased production will put a strain on natural resources and the environment, so we have to learn how to make agriculture more efficient and sustainable. And we’re also facing a reduced and aging workforce—we need more young people to become involved in agriculture. The next decades are going to be a time of great opportunity for Florida agriculture, but only if we look ahead and adapt to changing conditions.


Our Sunbelt exhibit will show how UF/IFAS is using innovative research, education and extension to help the state’s farmers, ranchers, youth and consumers to anticipate the future of agriculture. We’re highlighting work in five major areas: natural resources, plant science, animal science, agriculture, and family and consumer sciences. 4-H youth development and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences will also be part of the exhibit—it’s important that we get young people inspired and thinking about careers in agriculture.  Each program area has a zone with interactive displays and activities that are designed to inform people and get them asking questions. It’s our hope that visitors will come away from the exhibit energized and asking themselves questions about future of agriculture and their role in it.