Sunbelt Expo Pictures

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David Marshall,James Callis and Bob Cutlip with new Plantings and rail David Marshall and crew with new plantings Perenial Peanut planting Ready with fans
Overhead side pictures overhead side pictures Setting Up View from front
Front of Building 4-H Centennial Display Biological Engeneering display Biological Engeneering part 2
CALS Exhibit Cellulosic Biofuels Display Citrus Greening Canker display Fast Growing Trees
FAWN Display Food Science Display Horticulture display New Plants from UF
Pasture Weeds Display Save Energy Display Save Money display Small Farms Academy Display
Horticulture Display Small Farms display
crowd on porch Scott Jackson $100. Greenhouse Larry Williams Hydroponics display Dr. Clyde Fraisse climate display
Citrus Greening Renewable Chemicals Fast Growing Trees
Renee Goodrich and Keith Schneider Food Science Display crowd at entry crowd inside Larry Williams hydroponics display
Human Nutrition and Good Agriculture Practices Fast Growing Trees Jeong Lee Managing in Tough Times Monica Brinkley and Shelly Swenson Save Energy Save Money
4-H Centennial Display Citrus Canker Go Gators! Young Customer
Small Farms Small Farms Academy New Plants Display St. Augustine planting
Shelley Swenson Energy Savings Display Larry Williams hydroponics display